New Canned Salmon E-Book Serves as an Important Manual for 21st Century Living

If its name sounds unconventional and a bit intriguing, readers of Canned Salmon: Dialogues on the Common Good will no doubt confirm those labels when they open this newly released e-book, which is being offered as an entirely free download for a limited period of time.

Part social science textbook, part historical tract and part instructive handbook, Canned Salmon serves as a sort of contemporary manual for the alternative choices Americans who are young, old and in-between can make to live more fulfilling lives now and in the decades to come. Filled with tips on how to live more self-reliantly, in better health and with a minimum of cash, the book is a fascinating, timely, and wholly useful exploration of how to cope in a rapidly changing and challenging social, political and economic universe.

Canned Salmon came about when its author, Becker Smith, decided to compile a book-length compendium of his many fascinating conversations with educator, philosopher and visionary thinker Will Watman. Watman, of Portland, Maine, has long been an alternative thinker, with a lot to say about many of the challenges and opportunities for living more sanely and meaningfully in an increasingly complex and confounding world.

Watman’s radical—yet remarkably sensible—ideas run the entire gamut of life in 21st Century America. In the many conversations he engaged in with the Canned Salmon author, Watman speaks passionately on an array of vitally important lifestyle “pillars,” including food, education, housing, money, transportation and work. Through Smith, Watman draws on a plethora of innovators and thinkers—R. Buckminster Fuller, Chet Bowers, Jeremy Grantham, Herman Daly and many others—to make his point that accepting the status quo for contemporary living might not be the most constructive path one can take to live well and fully now and in the time to come.

Watman says of Canned Salmon, “It’s a handbook for how to survive, with grace, the nearing end of ‘business as usual.’ Smart people will find ideas for the ways and means to change, in every possible way, how they conduct their lives. You could say that it’s a guidebook of sorts for possible alternative behavior.”

Confirming Watman’s assessment of the book, the author adds, “It’s ended up as an ambitious and intriguing work designed to serve as a kind of ‘toolkit’ for all of us, to help us navigate the best way forward into our common future. In much the same way as the new breed of radical thinkers such as Stewart Brand, Abbie Hoffman, Betty Friedan and others lent their voices to the 1960s countercultural movement, Will Watman draws from his enormously deep well of knowledge, teachings and life experience to help show people in the 21st century a new roadmap for living sanely and meaningfully.”

For a limited time, readers are invited to download a complimentary e-copy of Canned Salmon: Dialogues on the Common Good.

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